What hours are we open? Where are we located?

We are a virtual office so our “virtual door” is always open.  While we have office space in downtown Tampa, the vast majority of our business is done and stored on the cloud.  This is for the benefit of all parties involved.  The truth is we are able to lower costs, increase security, be more efficient and most importantly, gain time back into our day.  No more worries about traffic or planning a trip to the office!  We are available to meet locally in the Tampa area but find it best to jump in an online meeting room.  We are able to share screens and send videos so you won’t find yourself asking “what did my CPA say?”.

What services do we perform?

I would say we separate ourselves from others in a very special way.  As progressive CPA, we help to reduce stress and worry over year end.  Let’s face it, unless you went to school for accounting and sat for the CPA exam, your business is better off letting an expert in the field handle that aspect of the business. With today’s technology (which we include in our monthly fee) we are able to handle all of your bookkeeping, accounting and tax planning/filing needs!  We discuss your financials at a minimum once a month or as often as you wish.  I like to think of us as a non equity partner.

What do your services cost?

Our starter level bookkeeping packages begin at $500 per month.  That is less than $125 per week!  If you were to hire a part time bookkeeper for your office and pay them $15 per hour for 25 hours per week, you would wind up paying over $20,000 for the year!  Add to that the time it would take to train, review and manage this part time employee.  Imagine knowing that your financials were being handled by a professional and proactive business that wants your business to succeed, not just collecting a paycheck.